What’s Your Goal?


Fitness is the physical expression of strength, speed, endurance and skill. We’ve broken fitness down into 4 levels and established the key milestones in each category.

At any point in your journey we know exactly how fit you are, as well as what the next steps are to continue to evolve your fitness. 



The core of all our programs is strength training. It is one of the most effective ways to elevate your fitness and is what sets the stage for all your other goals.

An effective strength training program focuses around the main lifts, namely the Squat, Deadlift and Press. Our strength programs incorporate barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises, as well as some body weight movements such as pull-ups and push ups.

Focus on strength and the rest will follow.

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drop body fat 


Dropping body fat and improving body composition requires a combination of targeted workouts, individualized nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Our body composition programs feature a highly individualized Nutrition Plan. The workouts involve a combination of weight training and high intensity interval training to optimize the afterburn effect.


Hypertrophy training not only helps you build lean muscle, but it can also help you burn body fat, as an increase in muscle mass increases your metabolic rate.

Building muscle requires high volume workouts as well as a large repertoire of exercises, ranging from large compound movements (e.g. deadlifts and bench press) to smaller isolation movements, using a combination of barbell, dumbbell, cable and body weight work. 

semi-private personal training rates



Mobility and flexibility are integral to optimizing your health and fully expressing your fitness. This is why our personal training program starts with a detailed analysis of your posture, mobility, flexibility and movement patterns. Any limitations in your lower body, spine and upper body are identified and addressed from day one.

All our Personal Trainers are well versed in the art of movement.