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About: Featuring Pull Up master Kane Sumabat, who is able to perform up to 2000 pull ups in a single workout. Kane's method is unconventional, but it has produced incredible results. This course is for everyone. Come learn to hit your first pull up or your first 100 pull ups.

What you'll learn: exercise progressions, warm up routine to optimize pull up performance, accessory exercises to strengthen your pull ups and keep you healthy, programming and periodization to double your pull ups in a few weeks, how to hit your first 100 pull ups.

Date: Saturday February 29th 12pm-3pm


This course has passed. Next date: TBD



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About: Whether you are a new lifter or an experienced coach, this workshop is for anyone who is looking to gain proficiency in this fundamental lift.

What you'll learn: Led by our head of training Aldo Frixione, we’ll be taking a close look at technique, cues, variations, progressions and regressions you need to take your deadlifts (or your client’s deadlifts) to the next level. 

Date: Sunday December 1st 11am-2pm


This course has passed. Next date: TBD




About: Whether you’re new to kettlebells or simply looking to tighten up your technique, the workshop will take your kettlebell training to the next level.

What you'll learn: Join our StrongFirst Certified kettlebell coaches in a comprehensive and highly practical workshop on the KB swing, clean, snatch and turkish get up.

Date: Sunday September 29th 11am-2pm


This course has passed. Next date: TBD