Our Gym



Fit Squad is less of a gym, and more of a supportive, inspiring and empowering community - that strives to make positive life changes through functional fitness.  


Our new 5800 sq ft facility boasts top of the line equipment from Rogue, Hammer Strength and Eleiko, as well as a 90 foot runway of black turf. It also features curved treadmills, air bikes, rowing machines and ski ergs.


Despite the terrazzo counter tops and wood finishes, the focus here is the workout. It’s not a place that is designed to distract you while you train… it’s a place that is designed to make you fall in love with training.




Fit Squad Training is located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 111 Peter Street between Adelaide and Richmond. The club is a 5 minute walk from Osgoode station.



Fit Squad offers result-based personal training, personalized group training, and online training. Whether you are training one-on-one, in a group, or remotely, the focus is on progression-based training, meaning that each workout builds on the last. Every exercise, rep, set and rest has a clear intension and that intension is to get you to your goals.  



Fit Squad workouts are a spicy mix of strength training, gymnastics movements, athletic training, and metabolic conditioning. A workout could include everything from barbell back squats, to kettlebell swings, to olympic ring rows, to sled pushes, to curved treadmill sprints.



Our amenities include a cafe/lounge, lockers, lux changing rooms & showers, grooming products, pre & post workout drinks/snacks, a retail shop with top of the line gear, and easy-access wi-fi.