One-on-One Personal Training

Whether in-home or at a private studio location, with FIT SQUAD personal training you experience a more advanced and targeted approach than any other Toronto fitness provider. Your personal training session consists of a high-efficiency workout that improves your cardiovascular health, your overall strength, and your endurance.

Workouts begin with a warm-up, followed by a tailored exercise session that has been designed to help achieve your goals. FIT SQUAD offers you a customized blend of methods that have been proven by international experts.  Each session is different from the next, and each client experiences something unique because of the personally tailored approach.

Aerobic, anaerobic, and vitality and strength levels all increase and feeling energetic becomes commonplace.

How much does personal training cost?

Personal training session cost is $95 per 1 hr session. At your complimentary consultation we will discuss your goals, the time you're willing to dedicate to achieve those goals, and your schedule for training. Based on this discussion you will be given a cost estimate per hour for training.

How do you pair me with a personal trainer that is best suited for me?

It is our priority to match you with a personal trainer that you will feel comfortable training with and that is best suited to your needs and fitness goals. In order to assign the best personal trainer we examine your specific requirements in regards to fitness goals, gender requests (male or female), and current injuries or health concerns. Using this information we match you with a personal trainer that we believe best suits you. We provide profiles of each expert on our site, so if there is a trainer you are specifically interested in training with, we will of course pair you with them.

How does the complimentary consultation work?

With FIT SQUAD, our holistic approach to training means working with our clients in every regard to ensure they are receiving the best support.

We begin with a complimentary consultation and assessment where we will discuss your goals, your health history and any injuries you may have. You will be asked to complete a short health questionnaire to make sure it is safe to take you through a fitness session.  We will also discuss options for personal training including a full explanation of how the training packages work and what your various options are.

Based on this information, you will be set up with your recommended personal trainer. 

Your personal trainer will take you through a 30-45mins physical and speak to you about how future sessions would be and what you can expect from them. After the assessment, the trainer will discuss what type of training and methods they will be using based on your assessment.

Where and when do personal training sessions take place?

Our Toronto personal trainers are mobile and can train you at your home, condo gym, in a local park close to your residence or office, or in a private personal training studio located in Toronto. 

The great thing about customized personal training is that it offers you a large amount of flexibility. Our trainers work early mornings, late evenings, during the day, and also during the weekend. All you need to do is discuss with your trainer what works best for you and they will do their best to schedule sessions that are convenient for both of you.

What should I bring to the assessment session?

All you need to bring is a bottle of water and a towel. You will either need to come ready in your exercise clothes or bring some clothes to change into.

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