Toronto Yoga Instructor - Jaimee

Originally hailing from Ottawa, Jaimée now works as a registered yoga instructor, independent dance artist and writer in Toronto. Curiosity coupled with the desire to complement her training as a dancer led her to yoga, where she quickly realized the many benefits it had to offer.

Years of performing as a dancer and studying anatomy have provided her with a deep anatomical knowledge, including mental stamina, body awareness and experience with injuries. While she continues to study various movement techniques, her passions for dance and the human body have led her to deepen her yoga practice.

Eager to share what she discovered, she readily travelled to the highly esteemed Nosara Yoga Institute (NYI) in Costa Rica, where she received her certification as a registered yoga instructor. The innovative inter-disciplinary approach offered at NYI fuelled her artistic creativity and she firmly believes that dance is one of the many budding expressions of yoga.

It is with great enthusiasm that she encourages her students to discover their individual means of expression through a fun and freeing yoga practice. 

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