Toronto Personal Trainer - Ezzedin

Always striving to conquer new challenges in the gym, Ezzedin’s passion for fitness led him to become a personal trainer. Since making this career change he’s never looked back. To him, leading his clients to achieving their goals and guiding them along their fitness journeys are the most rewarding aspects of his job.

Having been involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and basketball, Ezzedin understands the value of proper coaching. With that background, he’s gained the ability to keep clients focused and motivated. As a certified trainer he is well-versed in program design and periodization, and has experience in applying these concepts to clients according to their needs.

Ezzedin keeps things fresh and enjoyable at every session for his clients, while making sure that their bodies are being tested. He believes that your progress in fitness can feed into self-improvement in other areas of your life, whatever they may be.


  • CanFit Personal Training
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

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'I highly recommend Ezzedin. Prior to taking him on as my trainer, I was very clueless when it came to working out and quite shy in the gym. After meeting him he put my concerns to rest. He's very knowledgeable, has a great attitude and squeezes the best effort out of me every time. If it wasn't for Ezzedin, I might still have those awful love-handles and for that I'm forever thankful.'*  Melissa D.


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