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Our Mission Statement

FIT SQUAD is committed to bringing the ultimate personal training experience to its clients. Our aspirations match our clients' goals, and at all times we seek to build strong, long-lasting relationships. Above all, FIT SQUAD expects to be an invaluable service to our customers and a place where our cleints achieve optimal health.

Our team of specialists offers a holistic approach to fitness, which distinguishes us from other Toronto in-home personal trainer companies.  We consider every aspect of our client's health and fitness needs, and provide services such as Yoga, Kickboxing and Nutritional Services.

The Principal: Jennifer Lau

After several years in the fitness industry, Jennifer began working with FIT SQUAD as a personal trainer. She represented the company in the local Toronto market at media and public relations events, and over time, her passion and dedication helped fuel the success of the company. Shortly thereafter, Jennifer became FIT SQUAD'S principal.

In keeping with Rouven's vision for delivering superior-quality fitness services to clients, Jennifer holds high standards for FIT SQUAD'S team of professionals. She ensures each client receives individualized services to best suit his/her needs. Bringing a holistic approach to personal training, Jennifer has successfully set FIT SQUAD apart from other leading providers in Toronto. This mandate means offering clients services well beyond just personal training. This includes a wide range of training to address a variety of client fitness levels, abilities and goals such as private yoga and event training.

In keeping with a holistic approach, we offer nutrition services along with wellness and lifestyle coaching to address areas often overlooked.

Jennifer's passion to help transform people's lives and provide them with the gift of overall health and fitness is genuine, and that dedication weaves itself into the personal training.

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